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Super smart team here building fresh tools to make your team of freelancers even easier to manage. Rock on!
@writerpollock Thanks Tristan! :)
Hey! Cheers Tristan!! I’m Adam, the founder of Speedlancer (500 Startups batch 12)! We are excited to launch Speedlancer Bundles on ProductHunt. As a part of the launch, we are offering the PH community $25 in free credit to get started using our curated Workflow Bundles of freelance tasks (sign up here for the credit to be auto-added to your account: http://speedlancer.com/signup?co... So what is this all about?!.. Introducing Bundles as the world's first virtual freelance teams. At Speedlancer, we understand that the most efficient way to use freelance workers is as a part of bigger strategy and campaign. That's what customers have always needed, but as of now it's been pretty complex. ... Rather than planning a campaign, finding multiple talented people to do it (designers, writers, researchers, devs, etc), negotiating on price with each, training them and then staying on top of them throughout the campaign, we've compiled that into one easy one-click process; Buy a Bundle and get up to a dozen freelancers *spun up in a virtual team* just for your project. It's outcome-based freelancing at its best! By using Bundles, companies can save hundreds of hours every week. This is the future of work. I founded Speedlancer with an initial launch in May 2014. Recognising that speed and quality are a vital part of the freelancing equation often left behind in the scramble of interviewing and hiring workers, I created Speedlancer to streamline the process and make it possible to use freelance professionals in any business. I ran my previous business, totally outsourced, in a 10-minute workweek: https://productive.speedlancer.c... In 2015, Speedlancer was accepted into 500 Startups. Throughout the program, we were able to develop the Speedlancer concept into a fully functioning platform that takes an ecommerce approach to freelance work. Our idea is that the biggest roadblock to using freelancers is the brain drain of going through the bidding and interviewing, and the difficulty of project management when you’re working across a range of different freelancers. We did that with 4-Hour Tasks, and now that’s where Bundles come in. We’ve centralized and streamlined every part of outsourcing, combining multiple 4-Hour tasks in easy workflows. If you’ve got any questions, hit us up right here and we’ll chat! AMA! Cheers, Adam
@stoneadam I like these on-demand set ups and think there are going to be a ton more surfacing! Where do you get the workers from? How do you ensure quality?/What is the vetting process like? What has happened since being accepted in 2015? It's 2017 now, did the platform take a long time to build or has there been some pivots? What does the backend management look like? Is there some manual parts or is it fully automated?
@bentossell G'day Ben - awesome questions!! Where do we get them from - we aim to get top tier talent. Our writers are from the US, Canada, UK and Australia only (all Native-English) with extensive PR and Media experience for the likes of Inc, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Wired, VentureBeat and published authors. Our designers are creative directors from around the world (we won't discriminate countries) - that illustration you see was rushed this morning in just a few hours, for $100 by Speedlancer! Our researchers are all US-based Virtual Assistants, and our devs are from around the world. Quality is ensured through strict vetting. In fact, all 500 freelancers have been invited to the platform and then put through a 6-stage process, including looking at their resumes, profiles, online ratings and more. We like to put more effort into recruiting than one person would possibly have the time to do using traditional means to find people for a project. Finally, tasks (even every single task within a Bundles) come with a free round of revisions, and then customers rate each job after they are done. If the task doesn't match the description after the round of revisions, we provide a refund guarantee. What's been happening since 2015: a lot! A rejected visa to the US set me back, but since then we have raised funds from top venture funds (Macdoch Ventures in Sydney led the round; they invested in Canva early on) as well as angel investors. We brought on Jon Westenberg as our head of marketing and avid Speedlancer supporter (a top Medium writer with 80k followers, but who's counting: https://medium.com/@jonwestenberg) and best of all, built out this Bundle tech which our customers were asking for (they always wanted more than our 4-Hour tasks!) Backend management is exactly as you see in the video - it's 100% automated! For us to deliver a Bundle is totally hands off. We've done at least 100 of them now already, without lifting a finger... The best thing about them? The fact that we can build anything simply by dragging a few nodes.
It's been fantastic to watch Adam (and now Jon) continually develop and evolve Speedlancer into the platform it is today. This team is going places!
@nfeiglin thanks Nathan! Really appreciate the kind words!
@nfeiglin Thanks bro! Appreciate the kind words and support! Good luck with your travels!
Hey it's Jon Westenberg! I'm the CMO for Speedlancer and I'm actually really excited for this launch. The Bundles feature is something I use all the time personally to help out with my work on Medium and my blogging. It's a great option and it really lets you scale your work at any moment. Particularly great for startups and agencies. Let us know if you have any questions at all!
I'm a big fan of speed lancer - well done guys