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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2015
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Adam StoneMaker@stoneadam · Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more
Hey all! I'm the maker of Speedlancer. I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur from Australia (moved to SF for 500 Startups), having run various businesses since the age of 12. Getting stuff done has always been my biggest problem, hence the launch of this new fast freelance marketplace! Feel free to AMA and please let me know your thoughts! I am experimenting with different marketing verticals to target (eg adroll.speedlancer.com). Any other similar ideas/thoughts?
Kevin KlimanHiring@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
@stoneadam dig the product
Adam StoneMaker@stoneadam · Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more
@kkliman Thanks mate! What do you think you'd use it for?
Kevin KlimanHiring@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
@stoneadam cleaning up presentations
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@stoneadam who are the first verticals you've targeted / who has been the most responsive?
Adam StoneMaker@stoneadam · Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more
@eriktorenberg Startups were the first. I soon learned though (in my first weeks at 500 Startups) that from a marketing perspective I need to target more specific verticals, solving specific problems with defined products as solutions. That's what I'm working on now so I don't have too much data just yet. It will even be as specific as targeting businesses like restaurants for example and provide specific solutions to them. Hopefully one of those verticals stick, giving me a launch pad for targeting startups themselves a bit more easily. My goal is for Speedlancer to be the number one tool for helping startups get things done.
Sean PercivalHunter@percival
Speedlancer.com is the fastest freelance marketplace, delivering design, writing, and data entry tasks in 4 hours by curated freelancers. Part of 500 Startups Batch 12.
Lisa Winning@lisawinning · Founder. Growth strategy
Awesome team!
Adam StoneMaker@stoneadam · Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more
@lisawinning omg She Texted! *flattered*
Mitchell Allen@anklebuster · Programmer
I love the potential of Speedlancer. My goal as a solution provider has always been to maximize my return on time. Honking Big Projects - if they take too long - are no better, financially, than working part-time at a department store. Speedlancer's model allows me to take only jobs that I can complete quickly enough to meet or exceed my effective ROI. The best part about the model is that prospective employers who undervalue the gig get ignored - an educational experience that I hope helps them to understand that we freelancers are not interested in selling our dignity. Keep up the good work, Adam!! Cheers, Mitch
Adam StoneMaker@stoneadam · Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more
@anklebuster Thanks Mitch! We couldn't do it without Speedlancers like yourself :)
Mitchell Allen@anklebuster · Programmer
@stoneadam Glad to help, here and on the site :)
Chikodi Chima@chikodi · Mission Control // Moonshot
@stoneadam Great to see Speedlancer on PH today!