Speedify 4.0

Combine your WiFi and cell connections for increased speed

#5 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2016
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"Introducing Speedify 4.0 Better Internet at your fingertips Download Speedify 4.0 Now! In addition to a shiny new look, Speedify is now even faster, even more reliable, and filled to the brim with exciting new features. Now available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. To celebrate this monumental release, we're giving everybody 4GB of free data optimization for the first month!"
Sounds like magic. Doesnt iOS have this built in now though. Or at least using cellular on low wifi speeds?
@blakefolgado No, "W-iFi Assist" just makes it stop using your Wi-Fi when it's bad. Then leaves you stuck on Cellular even if Wi-Fi gets better. Speedify is different: it uses the VPN APIs so it can actually move sockets from Wi-Fi to Cellular and then back. When you're on Cellular it's continually testing the Wi-Fi to see if it can go back to using it yet. Can even spread the packets between the two for a speed boost if you need it.
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@alexgizis Ah I see. I am trying it out on a wifi network but I am finding it kinda holding everything up. Turned it off and its back to normal speed. By using the VPN will it not affect ping noticeably?
@blakefolgado Shouldn't hold things up. Ping changes should not be noticeable, it's really fast.. If you're having trouble, could you send us an email at support@speedify.com ? We'd love to help.
@alexgizis @speedify Thanks for the replies :) Will contact if I have any issues
@alexgizis @blakefolgado Well from what I know and read, the new WIFI assist actually uses both to maximize the speed of your connection. I believe Blake is right.
I'm confused, Android already has this baked in. Am I missing something?
@benjamineevans Nothing like this in Android. Android has "Wi-Fi Assistant" which just quits hotspots if they don't seem to be working well. You walk closer to the router, and too bad, you already quit it, because it's "bad". This is much smarter, does not quit the hotspot, just moves some of your data onto cellular until the Wi-Fi improves. Can even use Wi-Fi and Cellular together for a speed boost if the Wi-Fi is good, but slow.
@alexgizis thank you for the insight! I travel a lot each year and can see this being a huge asset. Keep up the great work
Very cool. One thing I'd love to see is a whitelisting option for known wifi connections. So for example, if I'm at known home/work hotspots that I know are good, disable speedify so I can get the full speeds from those connection points.
With our powers combined, we have - decent! Internet! @speedify @alexgizis @_jacksmith