Speed up your connection by combining WiFi, DSL, 3G, & 4G

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2015
Hey, thanks for posting. I'm Alex from Connectify, the creators of Speedify. Feel free to ask me any questions about Speedify.
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This looks like a great product, especially for travelers and people working on the go (or wherever you could use a better internet connection). I've also added it to my Nomad Hunt collection: http://www.producthunt.com/kjemp...
@kjemperud Nice set of Nomad tools, and a good add
I seem to be getting a lot of "how could this really work" questions on other channels. So here's a lot of how Speedify does it's magic: 1) We automatically correct lost packets, which can more than double the speed or an internet connection that's dropping 1% or more of packets (which happens on WiFi a lot): http://speedify.com/blog/fix-int... 2) We can spread your packets across all of your internet connections to bond them for speed. This is great for trying to watch movies over DSL and 4G: http://speedify.com/blog/how-fas... , or: 3) Speedify can also send all your packets on all of your connections, with the first one to get through, being the one to be delivered, which can massively drop your average latency. This is awesome for gamers: http://speedify.com/blog/slashdo... I hope that all makes sense. We have free trials for Windows and Mac.
There is also an open source project that does the same thing https://github.com/Morhaus/dispa...
@neil_sere I've used dispatch-proxy, Connectify Dispatch(the earlier version of Speedify), and Speedify itself, and I can testify that Speedify is way ahead of the competition. And its gotta be. They connect you to their VPN network using your connections, and all the actual data transfer happens on their servers with big gigabit links. So given the connection between your internet connections and Speedify servers is good, you should get much better speeds, even 90% of the combined speed, as is claimed on the website. However, it doesn't work with USB modems, which is the one reason keeping me from using them all the time.
To say thank you to all of the Product Hunt users that are supporting us, we've created a new coupon-code: HUNT, good for 50% off one year of Speedify service. Add it in the coupon box when you go to order. (There are free trials as well, of course!)