An AI that reads to you. Stay focused, read faster.

The Speechify Chrome extension let’s you read faster and comprehend more.

Highlight the text you want to read, then click the Speechify icon to listen. Learn more here https://medium.com/@cliffweitzman/2x-your-reading-speed-with-an-app-that-reads-to-you-62fe6b9cbaaa

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Hi Product Hunt! We are so excited to be here today. We built Speechify because it is often easier to listen than it is to read and because, for most people, you can actually achieve a higher information intake speed by listening over reading (with some practice). By activating two senses at the same time you also get better comprehension AND with Speechify speaking and highlighting it is much harder to get distracted. We would LOVE your feedback on how we can improve, and what you'd use Speechify for most. Here is our full medium post on Speechify for Chrome https://medium.com/@cliffweitzma... We would love to answer any questions have! <3 The Speechify Team
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This has revolutionized the way I do homework and even just work. I can digest information that otherwise would take me a long time to do so in such a short time now. I 100% recommend this!


The chrome extension helps me since I have a google chrome book and not a MacBook.

I like how it is synced to my iPad‘s speechify account


Theres not really any cons I have. Just make sure to update to the latest version, in order to have the fixes available

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This post makes my day. Thanks Joel!

No idea why but my Female US voice (not HD) has a strong French accent 🤣


Very cool well done!


The reading starts at the beginning again when changing voice

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Thanks Olivier!

By far the coolest feature for me is the ability to use Speechify on the go! My one time during the day to consume new content is biking to and from work, and Speechify lets me gets through a number of my favorite Medium articles, books, and other pieces of content during my commute via the send to phone option. Keep up the good work!


The simplicity of the product. Nothing fancy to setup: just highlight, and listen.


None that are super noticeable. Voice is a bit computery, but is more than adequate.

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Thanks Sasha!
Great job!! 😊 Will check out 😊
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