The simplest way to practice for your next job interview

- Practice your speech for the common job interview questions

- Get helpful tips for each question

- Listen your record and identify some mistakes

- Receive feedbacks from another users

- Give feedbacks to another users

- Pratice your speaking

- Get ready to get your next dream job!

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I like that you can listen to your responses - very useful for learning and iterating! πŸ™Œ Idea: it would be cool if SpeechApp would scrape Glassdoor for interview questions per company and then allow you to pick which company to prepare for. I know many candidates prep for a specific interview/company πŸ€”
@zelena Thank you for your feedback! It's a good idea. I'll put this on the board.
Great idea. We all seem confident prior to an interview but fumble our words while speaking, clearly due to a lack of practice. This app will make practicing easy. Question: Are there any plans to add industry oriented questions related to coding, manufacturing, management etc. ? We could also use paid services for mock interview grading. Hope this catches up.
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thank you! We are planning to have any subjects, and users can choose. In a paid plan users will be able to request a professional feedback for the speech.
Just a few issues from checking out the app, I thought I'd inform you: 1. Right on startup it asks me to enable notifications, although I don't know what for. 2. Apparently my recordings are available to the community, which I wasn't made aware of from the start. 3. In community speeches section, the UILabel of the prompt sometimes protrudes from the white box.
@sidyakinian Thank you for your feedback, I'm working on this issues.
Trying it out
I have been looking for such an app for so long. This caters to a nich market of interview practice. But I believe it can be easily extrapolated to speech practice in general - be it for a presentation, or conversation or anything. Infact I visualize this as even a social network in the long run.
@avneesh83752241 Thank you for your feedback. We decided start with this nich, then we can use for general language subjects.