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Browse the web while driving, running, doing housework, etc.

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Ivan Ičin
CEO, Labsii
I have started to work on this app as I felt that the web activities are taking too much time in my life. The idea was to do them on the go. First step is to add the web sites you follow as sources of the headlines, and that's only big activity that you have on the screen. After that you just listen to the headlines and press the next button (double tap the center button if you use the headphones) to download the article of the currently read headline which will be read after the headlines reading is completed. Once you start to use the web on the go, you'll likely notice one magic - your web addiction is gone, you will only listen to what you want and nothing more than that. So time saving is actually double. The app was named Xamarin app of the week at the week it was released.
Given my long commute this sounds very enticing. Will try it out @ivan_icin I mainly use Pocket to read previously saved articles—excited to be able to listen to AND find articles with this