Bitcoin debit card and wallet

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SpectroCoin allows to spend Bitcoin anywhere where VISA or MasterCard is accepted. The wallet is free and there are physical and virtual cards for 8 and 0.5 euros respectively. Shipped within a week.
Sounds cool. @vkaralevicius How is it possible that it works where they accept Visa or Mastercard? Can it be used for online purchases? (Apologies if these are stupid questions.)
@mrolovsson thanks for your question. Because it is a Visa card. Yes it can also be used online, if you only want to use it online then you can order just a virtual card (0.5EUR only).
@vkaralevicius Thanks for reply! How come you're not using the Visa logo on the card? Maybe that would speed up adoption? Gotcha, that's obviously what the virtual card is for... I was imagining the places that require you to choose what type of card you're using and if wasn't neither Visa nor Mastercard, I felt like there was no way to use it :-)
Love the reference to Satoshi in the product images :D How is this service different from Shift Payments? Or are they similar? https://www.shiftpayments.com/
@rajamatage Shift payments are for US, we cover rest of the globe, but they are similar.