A lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework

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- lightweight and clean starting point for your project and prototype - flexbox, responsive and mobile-friendly layout - carefully designed elements - built in useful components and utilities - responsive email templates (soon) This seems to have a lot of stuff to use!! E.g: Elements typography - headings, paragraphs, blockquote, lists and code elements, optimized for asian fonts tables - organize and display data buttons - button styles in different types and sizes, and even button groups forms - input, radio, checkbox, switch and other form elements media - responsive image and video class Layout flexbox-grid - flexbox based responsive grid system responsive - responsive grid and utilities navbar - header layout of apps and websites empty states - empty states/blank slates for first time use, empty data and error screens Components avatars - user profile pictures or name initials rendered avatar chips - complex entities in small blocks autocomplete - form component provides suggestions while you type tooltips - simple tooltip built entirely in CSS labels - formatted text tags for highlighted, informative information badges - unread number indicators toasts - showing alerts or notifications menus - list of links or buttons for actions and navigation navigation - breadcrumb, tabs and pagination modals - flexible dialog prompts cards - flexible content containers Utilities utilities - layout, positions, display, text, shapes, loading things Tools Responsive Resizer - responsive test tool
@bentossell I use it for a small project of mine and I found it really cool to use!
Wow, I'm surprised how many components this framework has! It looks modern and very polished. Might consider it for my next project.
Looks great, good job!
@picturepan2 does it include responsive typography?
@tomflemming no, I believe it requires JS to do that.
@picturepan2 @tomflemming it's possible with css, use vw on font size I guess..
@tomflemming @nichlaswa I see. Yes it is possible, though I didn't do that. I thought you were asking auto adjusting font size for fitting within one line. I think I will consider that feature.
@picturepan2 @nichlaswa Great. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
I like the chips. (Disclaimer: this comment offers little value.)