Specter Sunglassess

Titanium frames & blackout lenses. Made by master craftsmen.

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Jason Shen
Jason ShenHunter@jasonshen · Co-founder, Headlight
Specter Sunglasses is a new brand of shades featuring titanium frames and proprietary blackout lenses that look super cool. Grant and the team are taking the same approach that Casper used to disrupt mattresses and Bonobos used to disrupt menswear by designing something new directly with a manufacturing team and cutting out middlemen and retail costs by bringing their product straight to consumers. Really excited to see these sunglasses hit the market later this year!
@jasonshen Yay, fuck Luxottica!
Raul Perțe
Raul Perțe@perte · Designer · Makes iOS apps · Client's BFF
@jasonshen Hey Jason, what would be the best way to get in touch with you?
Grant Lee
Grant LeeMaker@grant_lee1 · Entrepreneur, Strategy, BizOps
Thanks for the hunt @jasonshen! We had a lot of fun working on this line of sunglasses this past year. We partnered with a truly exceptional team of master craftsmen out of Fukui Perfecture, which is a few hundred miles west of Tokyo. This region was once notorious for expert sword making back in the 14th century, and craftsmen here started producing high-end optical frames nearly a century ago. This place is actually home to the first pair of titanium optical frames ever created. It was inspiring working with a group of craftsmen that have been doing this for generations, and who truly treat production as a form of art. Hoping to showcase more products later this year, and would love any suggestions or feedback as we continue to develop and iterate on our designs!
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@grant_lee1 Would love to see addition of wider width frames with longer temples! Sourcing regular "xl" eyeglass frames and "xl" sunglasses for women, men, & unisex right now....the options are limited. There is _nothing_ of Specter quality except bespoke.
Grant Lee
Grant LeeMaker@grant_lee1 · Entrepreneur, Strategy, BizOps
@kkdub Thanks for the feedback Kelly! We'll be introducing a few more styles later this year, and have plans to introduce a wider frame. Hoping we can get you to sport some Specters when we do :)
Bryan@bryan_o85 · Co-founder, Pinguin
Love when physical products get love on Product Hunt! Awesome shades. We are talking about them on our app Pinguin in the product hunt channel! http://bit.ly/phpinguin