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Spectacle Magazine is a quarterly illustrated fiction and lifestyle magazine. It's the bridge between those amazing worlds you love and the life you live. It's for people who believe the future is here, that cosplay is fashion, and magic is most certainly real. For us, genre isn't just literature, it's a lifestyle. Hope you like it!

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Patrick J. Costello
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  • Michael Blackwell
    Michael BlackwellNot much to say

    First edition was good


    Took money for second edition but didn't deliver

    The first edition looked good. In May we had money taken from our CC so were excited to get the second edition. Nothing for a month. Several people asked on FB what was happening with no reply. Many of us had double the amoutn taken out thinking an edition would be delivered to a library. Now there is no magazine, no web site, and the FB page has been deleted. This seems like a dodgy set up to make a few bucks.

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  • Matt
    Mattfounder, sendwithus.com

    Curated fiction/scifi (with open submissions) is awesome


    Waiting until feb for the first issue

    Nice pre-holidays selfpresent!

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  • Julius

    Illustrations are beautiful.


    We have to wait until February.

    Can't wait for it to come out. All I know is that if Kevin and Danny are involved it'll be pretty rad.

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  • Pame Valdés
    Pame ValdésCEO, Beek

    Made by awesome people


    None really

    Kevin and Danny are amazing.... I'm so excited for this product!

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