#4 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2016

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I found the SpecOut website yesterday, whilst researching Wireless AirPlay Speakers—or lack thereof! Then I realised the site catalogues and compares specifications of numerous tech product categories. A real time-saver! They have an iPhone app (that does everything): https://appsto.re/gb/9IzYdb.i And an Android app (that only does smartphones): https://play.google.com/store/ap... Apparently it was previously known as FindTheBest.
@gingerbeardman Hi Matt! Glad you liked out site and app. We'd love to hear your feedback. You can reach us at ychua@graphiq.com
@specouttech @graphiq well, first of all congrats on such a useful tool! I'd not heard of either specout/findthebest or graphiq, and I think I should have given my work, interests and hobbies - so maybe there's some new efforts on PR and advertising required? Otherwise, for my research purposes of AirPlay wireless speakers, the "smart rating" seems to not be so good when there are too few reviews in the wild (smart rating too low). I'd like to see it weighted more in that case. It'd also be good if I could submit a new item to a category for inclusion?
@gingerbeardman Thank you! We have over 20 vertically aligned research sites, which is great for consumers with specific research interests, but creates a challenge for each site to reach its corresponding target markets. That's why we're really excited about being featured on Product Hunt! As for PR, we were recently featured on Inc.com for our partnership with the Associated Press: http://www.inc.com/salvador-rodr... SpecOut's Smart Rating is based on both expert reviews and the product's specs. We determine which attributes/features are most important when buying a product, and calculate a score that is relative to the other listings on our site. The challenge is some products receive more reviews than others, thereby increasing the chance of receiving a low score from expert reviewers. Or in your case, there were not enough positive reviews for a higher expert rating. We are constantly working to improve this feature as we strive to create a Smart Rating that truly reflects a product's value to our consumers!
@specouttech awesome! Keep on trucking
SpecOut is a tech research engine site that lets you find and compare the latest tech gadgets. You can filter your search by the attributes that matter most to you and then learn all about a product's specs. Finally, choose other products to compare side by side. We have more than 20 categories including smartphones, headphones, wireless speakers, motherboards, and much more. All our visualizations are embeddable and are used by publishers worldwide. Check us out at https://www.specout.com/ or download our app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
Graphiq is a great company that has some gorgeous products - SpecOut seems to fall under that category. Looking for camera, this is a simple, useful tool for comparisons across a wide range of brands, prices, etc.. Nicely done! Bookmarking this for future shopping needs 🤓
Very helpful to have all the info and specs in one place. This is a real timesaver!
Nice!!!! Such a useful too, how often are products updated?
@nadia_yun Hi Nadia! New products are added every day, and price information updates automatically on a daily basis as well