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Hi all. @keithbarney and I are here (co-founders of SpeakUp). Big fan on Product Hunt! Thanks for having us.
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*jumping* in the comments
This is really interesting, thanks for building. One thing that jumps out at me: Having an idea officially "Denied" in public could be pretty demoralizing. Did you consider any alternative language or interactions around ideas that aren't as good?
@joellewenstein I can def see how being "denied" can feel harsh and we did discuss this early on. As with most decisions while making SpeakUp, we decided that clarity was king and being direct would be best to eliminate any possible confusion. Really appreciate the feedback and always open to suggestions or ideas on how to make the experience even better :) Have any thoughts on something that would be less harsh but still clear?
@keithbarney Haha no unfortunately, can't think of anything better. Maybe "deferred" or "passed" ? Definitely agree that clarity is critical. Are you getting feedback from people using this in the field? I'm really curious how it works in practice.
@joellewenstein Honestly, I think you're the first to make a comment about that. We def see more Approved and Amended posts than Denied posts but we think it's important to let people know what they can AND can't do. Plenty to be learned from hitting a ceiling and learning your limits when solving problems and offering ideas.
@joellewenstein I like the "passed" language actually, less harsh :)
Looks great, how do you think this plays in with things like GetSatisfaction and customer sourced ideas? Something you'll include in SpeakUp or a different problem...?
@tommoor Thank you!! We've had some customers approach us about rolling it out to their clients actually so they could problem solve with them and talk about new ideas. This is awesome and we're totally flexible with however we can help our customers. The main goal right now tho is focusing on our mission statement. Too many people hate their jobs and half the time they're looking to the horizon for the next thing. From top to bottom we want all employees to feel like they can create positive change at work. We want people to love going to work because they feel like they have a chance to contribute and make a difference. Everyone knows communication and politics at most offices are a problem and we think SpeakUp can make a positive impact in that area. Solving this problem is what we're most excited about at the moment :)
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