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Hi PH! I have experienced first-hand how giving talks is a great source of personal and career growth. I can hardly count the number of adventures I have been on because I said yes to speak events. I have also organised a few conferences and meetups. In many ways I have been “on both sides of the table” when it comes to giving talks and arranging events. It has always struck me how difficult and opaque this whole process is both for speakers, would-be speakers and organisers. I think we can do a lot to improve the process of presenting talks and connecting with other speakers and possible events. We could also be better at expanding the diversity of stories available for conferences to host. I have had this idea for the longest time, and after 6 months of crunching we’re so happy to finally be able to invite others to try it. We’re calling it Speakerdex and it’s a place for speakers to catalog and share their talks (or the talks they want to be giving)– in turn making it a lot easier for event organisers and other interested parties to find and book them. It’s essentially productifying presentations and making the whole speaking-landscape more transparent. The overall goal is to make more people give more talks! There’s a million things we’d like to do with this, but first and foremost we want to make it a place where anyone interested in giving talks (either established speakers or someone with the first idea for a presentation) would want to share it. That’s been the focus of this MVP. If enough people support something like this, we could democratize public speaking, create a much more transparent and diverse landscape of talks offered and open up possibilities for a large group of people who never thought that giving talks was within their reach.
Awesome 💯 I've been looking for something like this for ages. Tried it out for a bit and uploaded a couple of talks. Great experience all around 🎉
Very cool stuff, looks like there's already a considerable amount of content on there! Looking forward to checking out some of these talks.
@osifer Thanks Oscar, we've had some very nice people help us testrun this these past few weeks and there's already lots of cool talks on the platform. I'm already floored by the awesome stuff people are presenting.
This is awesome! Are there any plans for hosting the content? One of my pet peeves is when I discover a great presentation, it's usually hosted on a service that is a nightmare to use.
@philipamour Thanks 👍 We're planning on adding support for uploading slides and more later.
@ksmandersen Can't wait! 😊 🙌
This has a similar direction as @loic's Leaders, but with a different angle.
@loic @rrhoover Also reminds me of @robfitz's Dex.io (but it's not live any more so I can't check to see if my memory is right!)
@loic @rrhoover Yeah, I guess Speakerdex is a more bottom-up approach. Leaders look awesome for well-established high-tier speakers and big-ticket events. I wanted to make a place where anyone could start and/or grow their speaking career– even if all they had was an idea for a talk.