Speaker Alert

A simple app to end your speeches and meetings on time πŸ””

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Speaker Alert helps you keep your speeches, presentations and meetings to time with a tried and tested traffic light signal system as used at Toastmasters meetings. Green indicates that you've achieved your minimum time, amber lets you know you're close to your maximum and red tells you that you've reached your maximum time. Wrap up quick, the screen will soon start flashing to hurry you along!
In response to some of the feedback received, version 2.2.0 is now available in the app store! https://telliott.io/2016/06/09/s... Thanks to everyone who provided comments! A few suggestions we still need to get round to, getting right down to work on 2.2.1!
Great looking app I downloaded it I was looking for something like this since I often lose track of time at the podium. However the UI could have a little bit of work, just streamlining a few things
@c_is_for_cody Thanks for the feedback. Any thoughts on UI are appreciated, if there's something in particular you think feels a bit clunky or could use tweaking, please let me know.
Looks great! I would use it for hackathon pitches, but I'm on Android.
@c_is_for_cody Awesome, thanks for putting that together! First on the block will be fixing that crash. Well caught.
@theotherelliott No Problem! Glad I could help
Downloading now... We have a conference on Wednesday and hoping to show a few moderators this app for their sessions. I'd rather see them use an app vs hand holding "flash cards" :) thanks!