Smart Conference Calls for Smartphones.

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Speakeasy offers frustration-free conferencing. Your conference calls start on time, every time. You'll never send or use annoying access codes or pin numbers again.Instead of wasting time waiting for people to dial in.Speakeasy calls you when a meeting starts or first person joins. Speakeasy eliminates the painful switching between email, calendar and phone screens to start calls or add users without frustration.Never start a meeting with "i'm sorry" again. Speakeasy will notify all attendees you are running late or update your attendance with a simple tap. You can also use the app to see who’s on the call without a verbal roll call, then control the call from an iPhone to add, mute, or drop participants. Speakeasy immeditately generates meeting summaries to document attendance, participation and call duration stats for every meeting you have.
please launch in Germany soon! I want this!
Great use of Twilio! /downloads Speakeasy
what happens if callers are outside the USA?