Speak Reader

Free speed reader with text to speech.

What is SpeakReader?
It's a speed reader with text to speech.
The idea is when you hear and read something together it will make it easier for you to understand it quickly.
It's 100% free - so head over to the website - click the Play button above to try it for yourself!
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Good stuff. The interface can be better and pls develop a Mac app
Really great. I've been trying to find a reader with a natural voice cadence and this so far is the best. Great work!
I've always used speed readers like Sprint reader and Reedy to read articles and books. I also use text-to-speech services to listen to them sometimes. Each has its advantages: With speed readers you don't have to scan the page and your eyes remain fixed which increases reading speed. Also works great on mobile devices. Advantages of text to speech are pretty obvious I guess. So, when I tried combining both of them as an experiment I found that it makes it very easy to read and understand stuff with a lot less effort. So as a weekend project, I made speakreader.com. I've just completed reading a book this way and the effort required to do it was very less. So if it works for me, maybe it will work for you too! It's 100% free.. so why not give it a try and see for yourself? :)