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Happy to announce that after several months of beta we now have full support for Windows with Speak! Last time we were on here with the original app it was Mac and audio only, now we have apps for Mac, Windows and Linux (in beta) as well as video and screen sharing built in. For those that don't know, the idea behind Speak is that if you make it incredibly easy to start an audio or video chat then people will communicate more - sometimes text chat just isn't enough! BTW: Everyone is offline in the screenshot because I woke up especially early to post this :P
@tommoor I believe you're also the team behind Sqwiggle; how does this compare to that? Do you have a strong idea of who should be using which tool? (Thanks for Sqwiggle by the way, I worked on a remote team using it for months, it was great!)
@pimterry I would say Sqwiggle is great if you want a 'window' into your remote team. We found this worked really well for some companies but it was very much a niche and hard to get whole teams to adopt the always on nature. We changed the name because Speak is really quite a different app and we didn't want them easily compared ;) It's focus is fast audio-only chats that can be quickly upgraded to video and screenshare when needed.
Would love to see this integrated with Slack. Any plans for that? Do you see yourself as a Slack competitor? EDIT: LMAO. Just realized you do this already. Could be emphasized more on the homepage :) I only knew because one of the testimonials mentioned it.
@ecwilson totally integrated with Slack both signin and a slash command, we're working on getting listed within the Slack integrations :)
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