Push-to-talk audio w/ your team for Mac w/ Slack integration

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Greetings Product Hunt! Really excited to show you what we’ve been building :) The hard truth is that, without good communication, your team is destined for certain doom. This is why Speak exists: to provide seamless communication between you and your team mates. Just like you have a dock for applications, we like to think of Speak as a dock for people. When a team member is available and at their computer, they are just a click away. Anxious to see what you all think, happy to answer any questions about the product.
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@ericbieller Would love to try out the Windows version , can you give me a ETA.? :D
@h_halvi I'm happy to announce that Windows is now in beta! We're only letting in a few companies at the moment but expect to release it to everyone very soon. You can sign up for it at http://speak.io/?platform=win :)
Wow. This is radical. Just installed it and invited some remote colleagues. I love the sense of presence it creates and how it totally changes the experience around 'having a call'. Looking forward to run this in the background the coming days.
@pveugen fantastic! Love Human, use it daily :)
@pveugen Glad to hear it! Anxious to see how your team gets on with it :)
This looks great, @awsmsrc, @tommoor, @willbarrettdev, @ericbieller, and team. As you know, I've been following Sqwiggle since it's launch over a year ago. I like how you pushed the boundaries with an always-on video feed with your team but of course, some people are a bit hesitant to adopt something that "invasive". Are you pivoting from Sqwiggle? Why don't you think it took off (forgive me for making some assumptions here)?
hey @rrhoover. Sqwiggle is still running along. we're in the lucky position to have a little bit of time and resource to experiment. Ultimately we want to enhance the way distributed or co located teams work and maintain a sense of connectedness and presence. We've also built it to be very flexible. There's a lot of Sqwiggle we *could* plug right in here! I'm looking forward to seeing what people ask for and also what they don't seem to miss! I don't think there is a set plan at the moment with regard to pivots/mergers other then to be on the exact crossover of social utility, practical utility and privacy. Im sure @ericbieller and @tommoor have more plans then they are letting on right now though
Believe it or not we've been working on Sqwiggle for well over two years! You're right about the aspects of Sqwiggle that were tough for folks to get past, we found that everyone liked the *concept* of visual connection a lot - but getting people to use it day-to-day was another matter altogether. It turns out people that work remotely take their ability to not wear pants quite seriously! With Speak we have a new technical architecture with all that we've learned over the last couple of years (blog post later in the week on that) and are bringing the 'best' parts of Sqwiggle across. We have true (very granular) presence without the video camera being on and instant audio communication that falls back to a call when you step away from the computer or choose it because you're busy. We're also planning on integrating into the places your team already lives to make communication super quick and frictionless...
@tommoor How does the "Away from Desk" detection work? Should I be afraid of my co-workers eavesdropping on every conversation I'm having in my living room if I forget to set it to offline? ;-)
@tommoor @pveugen we use a bunch of os event detection to determine activity (mouse/keyboard e.t.c). FYI There is an option that puts you into *call me* mode when you go idle, click yourself and then settings to find it. It will automatically go back into instant once the app detects that you are at your desk and working again.
@pveugen as Luke said. The key difference is that we don't allow for user override of the core presence unlike most IM apps where users are perpetually *away*. We are also much more granular, to seconds instead of minutes.
We've been using an early preview of Speak at Blossom (https://www.blossom.co) as distributed team and it is super useful and the interactions feel well thought through. Great UX design. Give it a try!
I have been a fan of Sqwiggle but as the founders explained I am one of those who found it hard to get the entire team to adopt it. Speak is a natural and - dare I say - radical better experience. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.