Read up to 1,000 words per minute with ease 🤓

#4 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2018

This is Spdr (pronounced “Speeder”), a speed reading media player. It uses a cool technique to display words one by one in rapid succession. This little trick actually enables you to read faster. Simply copy and paste any text, toggle your preferred settings, and hold down on the screen. Spdr is available for iPhone and is completely free. Enjoy!

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Hey, would love a web version of this.
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@haroonbakhsh agree, web version also will be very convenient
@haroonbakhsh web version and Android 100% doable.
https://flash.now.sh @rueter plez don't sue me 😅I just really loved your idea, but I mostly read on my computer
@rdev haha! Love the enthusiasm :)
What is the reading retention using this system?
@androidlove thanks for your comment. Retention is strong. Give it a try. I recommend starting at around 300 words per minute then ratcheting it up.
Did Apple use this to make their video @reuter? 🤔 I wonder what's the science behind this being an effective way to read.
@reuter @amrith They dive into the science of it here: http://spritzinc.com/ looks like a good UI for it, but would like for it to be easier to upload a book...
@amrith Apple didn’t, but that’s a great question! This is more for personal use. The nice thing is the ease of use and controls. Hold to read, lift to pause.
There's a seizure concern with products and videos that flash content quickly and rapidly. How are you guys addressing that? Is there a seizure warning anywhere?
@lamaalrajih thank you for your thoughtful comment, and you're absolutely right. We share your concern to the utmost, and have gone ahead and updated the current version of Spdr's App Store description to include a disclaimer. It reads: "Rapidly flashing content may have an adverse effect on individuals prone to seizures. If this is you, please use Spdr with caution." This comment is a great example of why I value Product Hunt so much as a platform for feedback and discussion.
@rueter me too 😊 I don't have an iPhone, so I can't download Spdr currently, but does the seizure warning appear when the app itself is opened the first time? And is there a feature that allows a user to go back and reread a certain portion? I know that often when I'm trying to read quickly, I might get distracted and otherwise be reading the same line over and over again, or find myself two paragraphs later with no recollection of what I just read.
@lamaalrajih As of now, the disclaimer appears only in the App Store description, but it will certainly be added to the next update. And yes, you are certainly able to go back and read portions of the text that you may have missed. Looking at the screen shots provided, you will see two buttons, one that allows you to go back 10 words, and one that allows you to go forward 10 words.
@rueter is there a future outlook for a feature that imports the content rather than having to copy/paste?
@lamaalrajih absolutely! And it was actually almost included in the inaugural release. But, ultimately, it wasn't as streamlined as we had wanted it to be, so it was omitted. We are also curious to first see if people are willing to read in this format. If there's interest, we're there to make it happen.
Reading speed 👍🏽; comprehension and retention 👎🏽. A solution looking for a problem.
@ravsydney thanks for your comment. My advice is to start slow, around 300 words per minute, and work your way up. It won't take long. Like any new format, practice and familiarity help.