Export comments from an Instagram post to CSV

Spatulah is a web tool designed to make it easy to extract comments from an Instagram post. Undaunted by spambots, we are relentless in scraping out comments for your scrutiny. Give us the URL, and we'll give you the deets.

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Hey Everyone, We built a tool for our community managers who were sick of copying out Instagram comments into an Excel sheet to keep track of contests and what not, so we decided to make a tool that would save us that time. It's free to use, and we would love to hear any feedback you may have!
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@snazzyham This is great. Can we have the same service for Facebook comments as well?
@niteshmanav Thanks! It's on the roadmap, but I don't have an exact timeline for that yet and it would still involve us overcoming a few technical hurdles
@snazzyham My post with over 1000 comments is only scraping about 450 comments. Is there a way to have it scrape all the comments?
Disappointed with Spatulah - Tried using it on an instagram post with 5500 comments. Getting two outcomes, one spreadsheet with 25 lines on it (not 5500) half the time, and the other half the time a message that says the post has many comments, and I will receive an email with the scrape. 12 hours later, no email.
It only lets me export 25 comments?
Hey @snazzyham Thanks for this great tool. I'm having a hard time using this to scrap comments; it only works 1 out 10 times.
@shobhit_k Hi Shobhit, thanks for letting us know. That might be due to the HTTP timeout constraint. So what happens currently is that if a post has a lot of comments (over 1800, from our testing), it may take a little longer than 30s to scrape, and unfortunately due to the way HTTP works, if a server doesn't get a response in 30s it counts as a timeout. We're working on some more features that will allow for scraping of larger posts and appreciate your patience with us.
I have more than 2000 comments on my post but it only exports 970 of them.
@sina_afkham Hi Sina, could you share with us the link of the post so that we can investigate? Thanks!