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I am excited to share what my friend Kushal has been working on the side for awhile; Spatula - a smart and social way to share recipes. I am not the biggest cook, however I have found this a handy way to quickly save recipes from various sites that I actually want to make later. No system has worked for me to cut/paste links or bookmark for later for recipes before - now with Spatula I have quick access to delicious ideas on my phone vs. fumbling with a laptop in the kitchen.
@ericfriedman Thanks for hunting this! A part of me worried about going against trend in a world filled with Blue Apron and the like, but a world with only those things felt dystopic. Diverse recipes are an important part of our heritage and cooking is a tangible, social oasis in our increasingly digital and virtual lives. I wanted a recipe app that was about actually making recipes, not just food porn, and that was as social as cooking itself is.
Just an FYI, whatever you have on the logo isn't spatula
branding looks like the BBC πŸ˜…
@krave Been following this for awhile. What separates you from Food Network or All Recipes?
@dswiese A few things! 1. This is not trying to be the place you find recipes, since I figure you can do that all over the web and apps. Spatula is Switzerland - save recipes from everywhere into one recipe box, and it can still make a shopping list and make it easy to flip between recipes while you're actually cooking. 2. The smart and social piece. No other app reminds you of your to-dos, or reminds you about favorites you haven't made in a while, or shows what your friends are making. This isn't about making lists of recipes you never refer back to, this is about actually cooking them and getting inspired by your friends to cook even more.