Spatial Sound Card

Upgrade your Headphones to 5.1 Surround Sound for free

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Regular headphones have two membranes. When you buy 5.1 Headphones, you also get hardware with just two membranes. The difference is in that USB box which will control the two membranes in such a way that it sounds like surround sound. This app replaces the USB box. FREE to celebrate the Grammy-nomination of our founder and lead sound designer Tom.

Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft
  • Pros: 

    extremely high sound quality


    2-4% CPU usage

    I like how my EDM music sounds with this app running.

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Gabriel Dorin
Gabriel Dorin@gabriel_dorin
Maybe too many download buttons? Anyhow, great stuff! The actual download doesn't work with ad block turned on (ublock) and it's a bit creepy that it downloads an .exe file that you keep calling safe, I will have liked a virus total test instead of words and a .zip archive.