Spartan Boxer Briefs

Stylish high-tech boxers protecting your health & fertility

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Arthur Menard
Arthur MenardMaker@arthurcmenard
Hi guys! SPARTAN is a stylish High-Tech Boxer Brief that protects your health and fertility - we are currently crowdfunding our product on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order with a 30% discount. Men who keep phones in their pocket experience a very strong reduction in sperm production, quality and DNA, overall close to 90% (more information on that in our video). In addition to blocking over 99% of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation, SPARTAN boxers are naturally anti-bacterial, so they stay fresh and odorless all day. SPARTAN boxers are designed in Paris for ultimate comfort and an exceptional fit. We're glad to have been hunted and happy to answer here any question you guys may have :)