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Sparse let's you randomly stumble upon awesome podcasts.

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Hey everyone! I'm Ben, creator of sparse. For me, finding the podcasts that I want to listen to is hard because they are scattered all around the internet. And there isn't a place where you can go and discover a new podcast you want to listen to. Mostly you discover them from a friends recommendation or a blog post or something else. That's why I made sparse to solve the podcast discovery problem. Sparse lets you discover podcasts ranging from different topics, it randomly suggests you a podcast from its database. So anytime you want to listen to a podcast but don't know what to listen to, sparse is here to help you. There are some cons though, sparse doesn't keep track of the podcasts that were shown so you're bound to see a particular podcast many times. Another con is that there are no filters to adjust the suggestions. I hope to work on these features next week and ship them ASAP! If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.
@harowitzblack nice project! i enjoy pressing the random button 😍
@graeme_fulton haha thanks Graeme!
@harowitzblack Congrats on the launch! I already discovered a couple of interesting podcasts. πŸ‘
@anthilemoon Thanks! I'll be adding more, feel free to suggest some too! I think it's best to make this a crowdsourced product.
@harowitzblack very cool, i can't wait to see new features added.

Can't wait to see more podcasts get added


So easy to find something new to listen to!



Wooo! Congrats on the launch :)
wooohhh! congrats ! really help full !
@achuthhadnoor thanks man! :D