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Maury Shenk
  • Maury Shenk
    Maury ShenkTechnology Investor and Lawyer

    Huge database of science resources, with excellent community and curation on a variety of topics


    User interface for managing posted articles still needs some work

    Sparrho is effectively the Pinterest for geeks. It allows scientists and those interest in science effectively to organise their favourite sources, and make them available to those they wish. There is also a rapidly developing enterprise version that helps science-oriented companies to do the same in order to streamline access to research.

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Kristin Drysdale
Kristin DrysdaleHunter@kristindrysdale · RiteKit Angel & Maker of babies.
Hey everyone! Sparrho is an incredible resource for anyone who values research and real-time science! I've been playing with it in my own research activities for about a year now and I've got to say that it puts Google Scholar absolutely to shame. I tried tracking down the makers but they're apparently not on Product Hunt yet. Here's their AngelList: And here they are on crunchbase: I've found them to be really responsive in Twitter and from their own site. (Disclosure: Yes, I even have some SparrhoSwag!) Enjoy!