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The true influence of any Twitter account


Find the true influence of any Twitter account

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Marketing monkey and hobby maker

I love Sparkscore already. It's a great way to find the true influence of Twitter profiles and hints at some more substantial tools coming from Sparktoro.

It also offers a breakdown of how the score was achieved, and the specific elements (engagement, follower count, verified status) that contributed to it.

Warning, though. If you're not an influencer, this can be damaging to your self-esteem 😄


Reveals the true influence of Twitter profiles.

Shows how influence is calculated.

No more hiding behind fake follower counts


Can be damaging to self-esteem

Limited to Twitter

Founder of Kneaver. Corp
Lol, true for self-esteem but it displays related people results for a balanced perspective
Web design, SEO, and local search ❤️
Damaging to self-esteem, HA that is so true. Society's ego ought to be cut-down based purely on data points and good 'ol fact once and a while :)
Re: Limited to Twitter--that/this is exactly what Klout provided, which launched in 2008 and shutdown this year: https://community.lithium.com/t5...
VP Innovation @ AARP; Urgent.ly founder
Ah, like the Twitchamp site I created in 2009
Web design, SEO, and local search ❤️

I woke up to the PH email telling me how Rand Fishkin launched SparkScore and I went right for it because the man only makes quality products. He's got an excellent BS detector, so I trust his work.

Sure enough, I land on SparkScore and find out my score is a "4" out of 100. With previous influence scoring apps, my score was in the 70's. That's so wrong! I am a business owner living in Pennsylvania - I should never have risen to the "70+ category"! One of my clients is a 94 (international sports figure), another is a 69 (writer for a national publication). These are both logical scores as well. After just a few hours I can already tell SparkScore will become the de facto standard for influence rank.

I also very-much appreciate how the oAuth is not overstepping on the permissions:

The application WILL NOT be able to:

+Follow new people

+Update your Pprofile

+Post Tweets for you

+Access your Direct Messages

+ Change your password

Thank you, Rand, for making something real. SparkScore seems like it's going to be great and I can't wait to see what the future holds.


OAuth does not over-step. Plus, my score is a 4. Nice and low as it should be - I love that.



Digital Marketer, Social J Media

Just out of beta, the API is a nice way to keep track of where you rank--engagement-wise--in comparision to others with a similar level of followers. SparkScore holds a lot of promise for an API fresh out of beta.


It fills in the gap left in Klout's wake and ends up doing a better job at determining a much more realistic measure of Twitter engagement.



Inbound & Content Marketing @ Sendible

Really love that Rand took the initiative to bring back a tool that's similar to Klout but better. I'm looking forward to seeing them develop the next versions to include more social networks. 👍


Fun new way to see how you are doing on Twitter


You are likely to score low if you are an average Twitter user and not an influencer

Code, film photography, writing, design.

I’ve tested the beta product some time ago and found it to be a tool that could be incredibly useful. Would love to see a mobile version of it. Anyone who uses Twitter should give this a try at least once.


A tool with a lot of potential value to pros and part-time Twitter fanatic. A lot of hard-to-get stats and research tools.


Some values can benifit rom refined calculation/ formulation.

C.E.O. Digital Marketing Consultants

really good product


very good


depends on acceptability by others