Peer to peer musical instrument rental marketplace

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Shachar Gilad
Founder, SoundBetter
Thanks for pulling me in Erik. Funny enough sparkplug founder @juliawilde and I connected just a couple of weeks ago after SoundBetter and Sparkplug were featured in the same article I really wish I had something like sparkplug when i overspent on gear rentals touring outside home state in the past. I think it's well designed too. They're on to something cool.
@shachargilad Nice connecting.
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
a market place for musicians - we had another one in Soundbetter. cc @shachargilad
julia wilde
Cofounder & CEO, Sparkplug
Thanks for the shout out, @TylerH and @eriktorenberg. I'm loving Product Hunt! And thank you for the heads up and kind words, @shachargilad. You already know how much I dig Soundbetter. We created Sparkplug to connect musicians and artists so that they can rent one another their instruments, gear, and space. As Shachar knows, it can be super cost-prohibitive for musicians to rent what they need for tours or sessions. Rental options are also generally tough to find in each city because the process is so antiquated. By connecting musicians with one another, they're able to rent whatever they need wherever they are by searching within their own community. And those folks who want to rent out their creative tools can generate an additional revenue stream from assets they already have. I'm incredibly excited about the implications of community marketplaces, generally. But perhaps no more so than when I see the impact they can have on creativity. Just as I know Shachar and Soundbetter do, we truly want to make it easier for musicians to create and perform, and to support each other from within. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! And thanks again. Jules