Helps build social connections between coworkers on Slack.

Sparkly helps to build social connections between coworkers on Slack. As a result, it will strengthen teams and companies in a unique way.
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Hello ProductHunt πŸ‘‹! I've made Sparkly ✨ to create and build friendships amongst coworkers. I've recently decided to bootstrap products, and Sparkly is the first one to reach the big stage. I'm slightly nervous but mostly excited to share Sparkly with the world πŸ˜„! Background I discovered that the most productive teams and employees were very socially connected to others, regardless of their hierarchical position. These led to new insights that wouldn't otherwise be found. Examples: 🎾 The CFO knows a back-end developer from the tennis club. Once in a while, they play together and also occasionally talk about work. 🐢 Some of the front-end developers from different teams all have dogs and have a walk with them in lunch breaks. During a conversation, they found out that they were solving a lot of the same problems and decided to build a more sustainable solution for the company. Product Sparkly asks people in the same Slack space about their interests and will introduce two users to each other every week. Sparkly has two engagement modes: when a new user joins the slack space, and when the user interacts with Sparkly themselves. Furthermore, the moment that Sparkly will match users is configurable. Last but not least, the most common interests are presented to the user, so matching is more likely to occur. With all of the above, Sparkly aims to connect as many coworkers as possible, resulting in more friendships and a workspace that's happier and more productive πŸ’ͺ! Future More features are in the works, such as pre-defined interests and interest groups. I'd love to hear what you would like to see as a new feature, or what can be improved. Thank you very much in advance πŸ™Œ Also, a special thank you to @levelsio for motivating and helping me out, and @jamesivings for proofreading!
This is very cool, congratulations on your launch Erwin! πŸŽ‰ I'm curious if you're doing any semantic word vector stuff with free text inputs if the user enters other interests or do you have to select an interest from a pre-defined list?
Hello @alxcnwy , thank you very much! Currently, the most popular interests are shown to the user right away, if any. There is no word vectoring going on, but it's definitely a feature I'd like to add soon!
β€œSparkly demanded us to be friends. So should we go for a beer?”
You might discover something new about your colleagues, though! Do you think it makes more sense to propose a match, and only seal the deal when both users agree, @elias_lankinen ?
@erwin_lengkeek Honestly I have no expertise in this. I just personally don't like matching tools but of course there are a lot of people who care. I wish you the best luck and hopefully you get some users to figure out these questions and make Sparkly better.
@elias_lankinen That's fair, thank you for the kind wishes!