Daily Inspirational SMS to help kickstart your day!

Sparkly is daily inspirational SMS to help kickstart your day!

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I really like the concept but given the simplicity of the service and value you're providing, I'm curious how you justify the cost. $15/month seems very expensive just to get a daily inspirational text (more expensive than Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime). What makes this service worth it?
@stevewu22 Agreed – @jerry_hsiang1 I would almost expect a service like this to be free. You're trying to inspire happiness – isn't it somewhat counterintuitive to charge for this, let alone $15 (which is extremely expensive for this kind of service)?
Hello Product Hunters! This is Jerry and I am the maker of Sparkly. Sparkly will send you daily inspirational SMS text every morning before work/school to help you kickstart your day! As the old saying goes, an inspirational quote a day keeps the stress away. I got the inspiration to build this when a coworking space, one I recently joined here in Austin, just put up a wall where we can put up inspirational quotes on stick notes Similar to the concept you see in almost all tech startups. But there are just two challenges with this (1) the inspirational quotes on the wall are usually the popular/common ones (2) it's passive in that most won't engage with the quotes again until they have the urge to write something on another sticky notes. Reading an inspirational text a day keeps the stress away. Research have shown that the message that someone else believes you can achieve what you want to achieve can be a powerful incentive to try harder. Sparkly wants to push self-coaching with daily inspirational SMS. Let me know if you have any questions!