Sparkle 2.6

Design full websites without writing a single line of code

Sparkle 2.6 is The Visual Website Builder for your Mac

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Would love to hear what people think of this and what is great about it. I built a site on the weekend using Webflow for the first time and found that awesome to work with
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@bentossell site is actually blocked here in china.. how strange!
@bentossell ok website blocked in china, works fine on vpn.. app seems to be an exact copy of apple pages ( but makes webpages ), so why don't they allow us to load in a pages file and make a website from it :) ...
@bentossell differences vs Webflow outlined below. Sparkle is great because photographers, designers, illustrators, musicians, small business owners and so on, can build a website without having built one ever before. They have a clear idea of what they want, which is generally not a template, and Sparkle is a great desktop free form content creation app.
@tony_anastasi "exact copy" seems a bit excessive :) but it's an interesting idea. I doubt it would be effective to reverse engineer the Pages file format. We don't import any external format at the moment, but given Sparkle is truly free form Pages would be possible -- though Sketch would be a lot more interesting.
@duncanwilcox I mean if you know how to use apple pages, you know exactly how to use your app also, every menu item is the same etc.. so why not let us import our 'pages' and make sites from them also ?... :)
I've been using Sparkle since it first launched! Love this 2.0 update :) I have deployed over 20 websites with this app -- I don't know what I would do without it! With every update it keeps getting better :) A+ 10/10
@shannonleonard that's awesome, and thanks a lot! :)
Seems pretty good so far! Been fiddling around with it a bit.
Looks pretty, what is your target market ?
@dave_kosmayer hey sorry for the late answer. The short answer is static sites such as photo portfolios and landing pages. Our ambition is to make a full and complete visual web design tool. We're a small team and can't do it overnight, and 2.0 is a step forward on that plan. Based on your needs you might find it works for you or not.
Seeing a lot more of these code free web editors lately. Most of them are novelty in my opinion. As of right now I think Webflow is the way to go in this realm. It's about as legit as you can get without getting your hands dirty in code.
@rhdarian Sparkle and Webflow are rather different. Superficially they are both "code free". Sparkle goes well beyond that, there's no coding concept exposed in the user interface, such as a "class" or how the CSS box model works or what a float layout is or why you should use margins instead of just moving the element in place. If you are a web coder Webflow solves the visual layout and lets you code the rest. If you know nothing about web technologies, Sparkle is the way to go.