Spark xyz - V2

$338,023 in startup credits for $2,499

We've secured direct partnerships with each of our service providers to offer credits and discounts to all companies in the SparkXYZ network. Our partners are willing to support companies like yours to succeed and become valuable customers in the future.
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Hello Product Hunt Community! We built this package of startup benefits to help keep your burn rate low and your runway long. Our goal is to move the needle on founder failure, and by providing you access to an incredible array of benefits to keep your company thriving, we look to accomplish just that! I want to thank our benefits providers for coming together to offer something like this to the community so that we can lift everyone up and help you achieve your goals. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! If there are benefits providers, you feel like should be a part of the package feel free to let us know by clicking on “suggest a resource” on the sidebar or leave a comment below. We are adding new benefits weekly so feel free to continue to come back and check what new offerings you might have!