Start standing now desk

I have an Oristand that I've been using and love it! What makes this different from the Oristand besides $5 cheaper?
@cchurch5 Quoting from their website: "Our testing showed that Spark successfully supports weights of over 100lbs on the upper level!" It looks like Spark will support monitors on the upper level - which Oristand cautions against.
@ksfatima Wow that's interesting. The one thing I wish the Oristand could do is support my computer monitor. I wonder if it can support a 27" iMac?
@cchurch5 @ksfatima Hey Chris - Great question! Spark does great with the 27" iMac!
@cchurch5 The biggest difference is that we opted for very stiff and robust over folds flat in a jiffy. Spark also provides a slight negative tilt on the keyboard tray, in keeping with the most current ergonomics: .
@cchurch5 One more thing - Spark's keyboard tray is offset horizontally (flippable for lefties), to provide plenty of room for your mouse / trackpad, but still keep your keyboard lined up with your screen.
It's so cool to have Spark on PH! Now that Spark has launched, the best link to start with is here:
@engrevo Just a quick question, if I order it today how long will it take to actually get to the location ? Since it's a pre-order I am not sure about when is the product coming :)
@novica93 Great question! Medium is now in stock and will ship within 2 business days (normally faster). Small and Large are expected to start shipping on 8/30, but may slide as late as 9/10.
Pretty interesting "try it out" standing desk made of cardboard, for only $20. Curious how sturdy it will be though.
@joshpuetz Hey Josh, as Fatima mentioned above, our testing showed that Spark supports over 100lbs on the upper level. But more important to most people than strength is stiffness - Spark doesn't wobble at all while you type or mouse.
I'm also curious if this folds up/consolidates in any way?
@maxwellhallel Hey Max, our beta testers indicated en masse that they much preferred a robust, lightweight solution that they could easily move in / out than a less robust folding option like some others. Spark is easy enough to disassemble / reassemble to be a great travel companion, but you likely won't want to break it down and build it up every day.
@maxwellhallel But to be clear, when disassembled, Spark folds flat into a tidy 18"x14"x3" package!