Spark serves up curated stock and market ideas

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Hi everyone! We're a startup in San Diego. For seasoned traders, SPARK drastically simplifies your workflow by giving you one-tap access to all your scans. If you're new to the market, it's a non-stop idea machine. Happy to answer any questions and thanks for taking a look!
@mslagh Loving this idea. Feedback: Be clear what the categories are (double baggers -> up 100%). Keep the swipe discovery fresh, no recent rejects and no watch list stocks. What vendors are you using for your data?
@deanjohnr Thanks John! I see a few of those right now in the upcoming sprint actually. Data is from Xignite.
I am very happy to see my idea come to much more coming. love any and all feedback
Super cool. See you at Stocktoberfest
Disclosure: Friend of the team who built Spark. But this app is smart, well designed, and solves a problem for professional and new investors alike. Excited to follow it evolve. For me, I'd like to see this connect with Robinhood and TD asap so I can trade on the ideas.
@alextarhini_ Thanks Alex! We have a lot of ideas very similar to what you are suggesting planned 😏
this looks similar to stockflare. personally I find stockflare more useful - but this has a nice design.