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Hello Product Hunt, First off, thanks for hunting us. We are excited to be here! @NeilMody and I see a big opportunity to make voice conversations fun and useful and are hard at work making it happen. SpareMin is enabling bloggers, comedians, pastors, actors, and influencers of all types to connect with fans and friends for easily and - optionally - recordable, shareable phone calls and interviews. No need to schedule calls or share your phone number: SpareMin lets you connect when you are free using your SpareMin account. We are available: on iTunes: on Google Play: Looking forward to your feedback, either here, or on SpareMin, I’m @ohwellington ( Here is a piece I wrote on Medium about SpareMin: Thx, Oliver
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Appreciate all the love on the utility/convenience side. Thought I would chime in on what I am really loving lately as well - the shared conversations - here are some examples (existing or budding podcasters may especially appreciate). News - On the field reporting - (at a gay rights demonstration) Comedy - AFAIK, we are the easiest platform to conveniently and safely allow two people to talk and share that conversation seamlessly on social media. Send me a talk request on SpareMin!
SpareMin makes connecting in your free time much easier - and lets you put out mini-podcasts (my favorite use for it). For example: check out my short but informational chat with friend and colleague Erin about recruiting women in tech:
This is great. Frees your calendar from a ton of 30-60 min calls.
I tried SpareMin yesterday and am a fan! I love how it let me connect quickly with who I needed to without having to email back and forth to schedule. Since then, I have been redirecting folks who reach out for advice to Sparemin. Finally, I don't have to feel bad about not being helpful or for filling up my calendar with meetings.