Semantic analysis of the Reddit hivemind

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You can check out the blog post here from @honnibal I saw it trending on Hacker News - give it a go :)
This looks really powerful! Is there an API? I can see a couple of tools that could use this for marketing purpose.
@widawskij No official API yet. But if you want to hack something quickly, and you make a few requests to our backend, we won't yell at you :). Alternatively you can download the code and data (link in the blog post), and we'll have a nicer package on PyPi soon.
Ah! The ref=producthunt in the url messes up the first query. Should be fixed soon. Thanks for posting our demo. Let us know if you have any questions. We're especially interested in hearing more use cases from people. And of course, we always like to see the funniest queries :).
I feel like this could be powerful for SEO purposes. I'd have to determine my workflow with it but just an initial thought. ;-)