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Finding a great place to live has never been this easy

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This is a great way to find a place to live in Hong Kong. @asifmghafoor saw this pain point in the market and is working to solve it. I recommend Spacious to folks who are relocating to Hong Kong for the first time.
@asifmghafoor When did you finally decide it was time to launch this product?
@nzeiber thanks for posting! I first came to HK with my company at the time @goldmansachs (yes i'm a reformed banker:)) in 2007. Having come from London where you have sites like Zoopla, I just couldn't believe how terrible the portals in Asia are. Over the years I saw no improvements in any of the portals despite huge leaps forward globally... so began the initial thought process behind @spacioushome which I founded in 2013
@asifmghafoor who are your primary users?
@nzieber We get traffic from people looking for property from abroad as well as domestic. HK is such an international city and real estate is a major pain point for people. We recently just expanded to Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei as well so the word is getting out fast... very exciting :)
The Prices for Sell is it in american Dollars or what ? cause i see small apartments for $95M ?
@ilyashassani Hong Kong Dollars :) 7.8 HKD to the USD