Spaceship Voyager is the portfolio in your pocket. There is no minimum investment and it's free under $5,000 then just 0.05% or 0.10% of your balance per year.

Beyond that there are no brokerage fees, no buy/sell spreads, and no entry/exit fees.

There are two portfolios you can pick, Spaceship Index Portfolio and Spaceship Universe Portfolio.

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Hey PH, Abi from Spaceship here. Spaceship Voyager is our newest product, it's an investing app that's free under $5,000 and 0.05% or 0.10% a year for balances above $5,000, excluding your first $5,000. It's Australia only for now. We'd love to get some feedback and are happy to answer any questions :)
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@abityastunggal Are you planning to drop your super fees to be more inline with this? I notice the investment fee on your super plans is double the highest fee on this even ignoring all the other fees super accounts have.
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@shawnonthenet Hey Shawn, Voyager shows where we want to take wealth management in Australia, no matter what tax structure or time horizon the product has. Voyager has benefitted greatly by Spaceship having its own RE licence (granted 18-Dec-17). In Super, Spaceship uses someone else’s licence for Super. We will continue to seek to innovate in both the RE (Voyager) and RSE (Super) products. Hope that makes sense.
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As an Acorns user this is very attractive. Will need to see if they ante up, or move to Spaceship.
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@popinjay Glad to hear :) – let us know if you have any questions.
Nicely done boys! Looking forward to playing with this product.
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Canada please
@_tomki Appreciate the support – not on the roadmap as of yet though.
I’ve used Acorns and I have Robinhood downloaded on my phone (I have not invested yet). What’s different with Space Voyager that Robinhood?
@donny_harding Short answer is Robinhood is a brokerage app, Spaceship Voyager is a managed fund, our investment team picks what you'll be invested in for our Universe portfolio, and our Index portfolio is guided by the market capitalisation of companies.