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Hey all, founder of Spaceship here! Spaceship started as a weekend project (in October) when we put together simple tools to enable anyone to generate email leads from Twitter. Since then we have hacked 9 additional sources and put together complex algorithms to identify the hottest prospects for all sorts of businesses. Currently we help over 400 companies from all over the world to grow their revenue with our highly-targeted leads. Feel free to "shoot" me your feedback or any questions about Spaceship. Would be super happy to tell you more :) So let's launch the Spaceship together... 3...2....1....!
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@chichikid any legal ramifications we should know about?
@samir_doshi @chichikid This would be illegal here in Canada.
Hi @samir_doshi, my apologies for the late reply, had a super busy week. About the legal ramifications - probably best if you "shoot" me an email at dominik(at), as the SPAM rules are very different for each country. However, in general we believe it's about making the outreach as targeted and personalised as possible. And next to that you can use the leads to build custom audiences on Twitter, Facebook or Adwords (can also upload them as customer list to Adwords). In addition, you can import the leads to LinkedIn - and connect with the prospects there.
Spaceship is a great tool that helps you find highly targeted and relevant leads - @chichikid can tell you more!
The team have built great products in the past and I expect this is just the start of a product that can help any startup grow significantly.
i tried it out in the past and it's a very effective service
@luckyvalentini What was your industry or service?
@kurtwalker my company offers valuation services online to startups and innovative companies in general.
Love the joke you made with Trump's email :P
@vallieres let's just hope his email will remain the same :)
@yakha88 on the website, the Trump card has ;)