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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2014
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This thing looks amazing. I could see a ton of uses ranging from startups doing customer development (sorry, LaunchRock) to premium newsletters (like the original Foundation from @kevinrose) to Mom and Pop shop's selling a simple service.
@rklusas I'm one of the founders of Spaces. Thanks for the addition and kind words Russ. If there's any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them.
@rklusas Also checkout Subbly and Cratejoy hunted earlier.
Reminds me of which I am an investor. There is a growing need for this type of service. I think the opportunity is big.
@joshkerr Agreed, my girlfriend was looking to start a box subscription service about a year ago and was discouraged by the logistical overhead this now solves.
@joshkerr Is Cratejoy ever going to launch publicly? Been a while!
Thanks for posting. Will definitely check this out. Been looking to move off a mix of other platforms and get on a single stack. Looked at Cratejoy, but waiting till they are in public beta or fully launched. I only have one actual product but need a very specific recurring timeframe for it. Also I assume custom domains are on the roadmap?
This is very nicely done. @danschultzer I have some feedback on the onboarding experience. Happy to share over email if you're interested (hrishimittal @ gmail).
@hrishio Thanks, I've sent you an email.
looks good :)