A showcase of curated Amazon products from inspiring spaces.

#4 Product of the DayApril 17, 2016
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Hello Hunters, Spaces is a showcase of curated Amazon products from inspiring spaces. We deconstruct home spaces from around the web; finding matching and similar products you can easily buy on Amazon. What do you guys think? We love hearing feedback :)
This site is beautiful and I love that it provides the information to buy what you like based on the rooms they have curated. Super cool. πŸ‘
Neat idea, @elving. Amazon is doing this themselves (although with a slightly different angle on Launchpad). P.S. Canopy built a similar Amazon-curated ecommerce site as well (cc @shanndfox)
@rrhoover Thanks! I think content curation is the future of the web. There is so much content on the internet that is hard to find what you are looking for. Launchpad and Canopy are great examples of this. We are definitely taking a page out of their book, but we are focusing on interior design and decor. We want to help people that like to "shop by style" for their home. We handpick beautiful home spaces from around the web and find matching products from Amazon's product catalog. That way people can buy products from different brands and styles from the same place.
@elving I like the focus and as someone who dislikes shopping, especially for home decor, I see the value. 😊
Love this !