A Chrome take on Firefox's 'Tab Groups' feature

#5 Product of the DayMay 24, 2015
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Been looking for a Chrome take on Firefox's 'tab groups' feature for a long time. There is another extension called Simple Window Saver (, that does the job fairly well too, but hasn't been updated in a while. This looks like a decent alternative and seems to be regularly updated.
@zee Thanks for the post Zee. I'm the author of the extension. It's only been up for a couple of weeks - still in its infancy but it's been serving my needs well so far.
Hey really like this product. I've needed something like this for a while
How badly does it hammer memory usage? If they can reduce the memory footprint at the same time, I'm sold!
@stinhambo You will barely notice the memory hit in comparison to what web pages use. If you're having problems with chromes memory consumption, you should try out my other extension The Great Suspender - it makes a huge difference. Although, I created Spaces specifically to avoid having too many tabs open - circumventing the memory problem at its root.
@deanoemcke Great thank you Dean, I'll definitely check it out. I loved this feature on Firefox :)
these guys also make "The Great Suspender", which is awesome. I'd like to see some more screenshots of this before installing though.
@_jacksmith More screenshots on the chrome webstore page? I'll try to put a few more up, although to be honest, there's not a lot more to it - I've deliberately tried to keep out of the users way.
@deanoemcke yep. That's what I was meaning. Can't tell much from this one