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Dominik VacikarHunter@chichikid · Founder turned VC | @HummingbirdVC
Hey all, founder of Spaceman here! A while back we launched a data company called Spaceship. By now, we've been generating highly-targeted leads for hundreds of businesses across 40+ industries. As Spaceship grew we had to hire a lot of smart people to scale up our operations, but job ads didn't attract the right talent. So we tried to apply our lead generation magic to hiring. And that's when the idea for Spaceman was born. Feel free to "shoot" me your feedback or any questions about Spaceman. Would be happy to tell you more :)
Moin UddinPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
Cool product. @chichikid, how would a rock star list himself on your system? I don't currently see a way on your site.
Dominik VacikarHunter@chichikid · Founder turned VC | @HummingbirdVC
@moinism Thanks a lot for the nice comment! Currently, we are only focusing on employers (we launched only today). However, in the near future we are planning to also open our platform to Candidates. So stay tuned for more information (for instance by following us on social media, or you can sign up for our Space Newsletter).
Thomas Mead@choobie3 · Founder
Looks good! Will give it a whirl @chichikid
Dominik VacikarHunter@chichikid · Founder turned VC | @HummingbirdVC
@choobie3 thanks mate!
Andrew R. Jenkins@andrewrjenkins
I love seeing new mechanisms for finding talent. Congratulations and good luck!
Dominik VacikarHunter@chichikid · Founder turned VC | @HummingbirdVC