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We've been fascinated by the shifting hospitality market, as hotels are looking to optimize revenue outside of just selling rooms but selling underutilized areas on the property. Meeting spaces is a perfect area to focus on. A question we've been thinking through: how much revenue potential does a hotel really have, outside of just room nights and ancillary? Our minds have been wandering into meeting spaces and branded rooms within a hotel managed by a 3rd party provider. Companies like Breather, Bizly, PeerSpace, LiquidSpace are doing something really interesting within this category. Add Spacebase here and consider unlocking 10% to 20% of these rooms inside of a hotel, managed by a new company above and either booked direct on a new consumer platform or syndicated through existing OTAs (online travel agencies). Incredibly, most of this market is handled offline through RFPs via conference managers. Why doesn't a delightful booking experience exist online today? Fun market to watch over the next few quarters. ;)