Spaceback + Pro Football

Weekly football updates delivered to your ad space.

Spaceback + Pro Football is a way for you to follow your favorite team for weekly updates delivered to your ad space.

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I love how Spaceback is taking back ad space to be more intentional for users. They have taken typical ad space and transformed it into a way for you to follow your favorite football team instead. Brilliant! I think these guys are on to something big here!
@sethbwilliams Thanks Seth! We're working hard to deliver content people love wherever they go. Repurposing the advertising infrastructure is the best way to do that.
Hi, I'm one of the founders of Spaceback along with Casey. We have always believed that the advertising infrastructure was a unique & open platform capable of amazing things but was only being used for advertising! We wanted to explore ways to use that technology in a sustainable and better way so we started Spaceback.

Gorgeous interface.


Love this. Can’t wait for other sports to follow


Nothing yet

This... this idea is awesome 🙌 any additional content ideas planned? I'm a baseball guy :)
@swetzequity we are just getting on content started but we actually already do have some baseball teams available on our channel discover page @
can you describe how it works, infrastructure wise? I don't see any login or anything, so I'm assuming by clicking follow you're just dropping a retargeting cookie?
@swetzequity correct that it works using cookies. we wanted to create the easiest possible way to have a better browsing experience; there is nothing to download, no registration required, and no browser extensions to manage. our product has the ability to create campaigns/audiences/ad creative etc, and our follow button has the ability to add or remove users from audiences in our DMP, so its a bit more in depth than retargeting. that said, the basic concepts apply, it's just we have built on top of this so the experience can be completely self-directed and support any type of content the user wants to follow. I hope this helps!
@casey_saran Thanks Casey! I see a 'content partners' tab... what sort of partnerships are looking to increase? What companies would help this grow even more?
@swetzequity our ideal partner is one that has quality content and is looking to deepen engagement with their audience. 80% of users are following brands on instagram, but they have to go back to instagram to see that content. Spaceback allows brands and content creators to own relationships and distribute content without dependence on social platforms.
@casey_saran mind shooting me your email? I know someone who may be able to help - Zachary.swetz at g mail dot com