Space Readers

A fun and simple way to help your child learn to read

Space Readers is designed to help children improve their reading skills through learning to recognise high frequency sight words by their shape and outline.

The aim is to identify a given sight word among four possible options by matching the shape of the word.

Repeating this process can help children improve their reading skills.

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@_davenott what is the science that shows recognizing a shape that's drawn from the outline helps word fluency? The clouds seem very abstracted away from the words, making it difficult to establish that direct relationship. I wonder if recognition increases as the outline becomes less 'bubbled' and closer to the outline of the letter shapes?
Dave Nott
Independent iOS developer and podcaster
Hi Victor, you make an interesting point - a large part of the recognition comes from recognising the ascenders (t, d,f,h etc) and descenders (g, y, q etc) and their position in the word. The amount of "bubble" is something that was tweaked a lot during development to try and reach the sweet spot - it's something I'm keen to keep adjusting via my beta program as like most things, the job is never really "done". Thanks for the feedback - it's appreciated!