Space Left TV

Storage info for Apple TV

From the maker of SketchParty TV and Waypoint EDU.

How much space is left on your Apple TV? Do you have enough room for that big (or small) game you've been meaning to play?

This super simple utility will show you the approximate space used and space free on your Apple TV.

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Love it! Straight and to the point. Can you not find this in settings?
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@nickchuckwalter Thanks! Presently you can navigate to Settings > General > Manage Storage and see how much each installed app "weighs", but there isn't a way to quickly see how much space is used and free the way you can with Space Left TV.
@mattbraun Ah cool. Well great work!
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Space Left TV is incredibly simple, like the single purpose apps of the early days of the App Store. With a clean, almost Daisy Disk style pie chart, it shows space used and space free on your Apple TV. Currently there’s no easy way to see this information, though Settings does have a Manage Storage screen. From concept to built and submitted for app review, Space Left TV took just under 5 hours to make. One of my goals for the project was to see how quickly I could design and develop an MVP, since the development timeline for my other titles like SketchParty TV and Waypoint EDU were five and six months, respectively. I was pretty happy with the result, and I have some more features in mind.
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During Space Left TV development I wanted to add a shortcut link to take the user straight to the Manage Storage screen in Settings; I discovered this is something that may once have been possible, but was removed in iOS/tvOS 11. In fact, including the "App-Prefs:" string in your app, even if unused, will earn you a rejection from app review! 😬
Congrats on the super fast launch @mattbraun !
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@jordibruin Thanks Jordi! Seeing you design, build, and launch DrawRun in under 24 hours was my inspiration. 😅