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Up your Instagram game with a husky dog model 🐕

Model, content creator, dog. 3 in 1. The best candidate to promote your brand online.

Hi there! My name is Irina and I'm an Instagram Blogger ( I have a lot of pictures with my lovely husky and brands often ask me to take pics of their products and my dog That’s why I decided to create her own website and become first DAAS ( Dog as a service) LOL. Happy to hear your feedback!
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@irina_mikhailova request for product: CaaS (cat as a service)
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@rrhoover don't be specist! 😹
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@rrhoover thank you for the request! Any brave candidates you can recommend👂🙀
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Dog model is here for your feedback ✌️🙏💕 #rufff
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Love the idea! Do you plan to launch a platform so other photogenic dogs can join the DAAS movement?
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@campbellcapital actually great idea! Will test it on myself first 🙌
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The future we want.
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Ирина, это гениально! This is genius!
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