Space Age

A wonderful, kooky, and mysterious space adventure

Neven, Matt, and Cabel are good people with an incredible attention to detail. Instapurchase for me!
Space Age is a mysterious, kooky, retro-tecmological space adventure. The plot, gameplay, and words are full of little bits of nutmeg and some kind of strange outerspace pepper. Try it. Made by Matt Comi (code), Neven Mrgan (design), and Cabel Sasser (music), Space Age is two years in the making. Like Monument Valley in game quality, but weirder.
Absolutely love the style! Downloading now.
@siburb even comes with its own score and soundtrack… Next level of game making.
@davidkmckinney Yes, I can see I'm going to have to start getting the bus to work again so I've got some quiet time to enjoy this! I know it's very different gameplay etc, but it reminds me of the classic 'Exile' (BBC, C64, Amiga) - in a very good way of course!
Downloading now! Can't wait. Big fan of the genre and been wanting to do something similar for some time. Looking forward to play this!!!