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I was just chatting with @jacksondahl about this area. Is the future of distributed teams inside of VR? Curious if Slack is investing in this space.
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@rrhoover @bigscreenVR is playing in this space as well. One of the most fascinating VR use cases for both work and play, in my opinion. Curious about @blakeir's thoughts here.
@jacksondahl @rrhoover @bigscreenvr @blakeir cool concept. it's called spaces but really it should be called windows in your VR space. I was kind of hoping that the VR incarnation of Windows would be more immersive. imagine the user as the mouse. rather than choosing windows, you choose spaces within your 3D Vision, a physical space segmented into partitions representing the windows. in order to implement effectively each space would need to have experience and sets of inputs that utilize the volume. that's what I hope spaces with time evolves into.
@the_onlyhope @rrhoover @bigscreenvr @blakeir Agree here. Most interesting things that happen in VR will not be "X (thing we already do) for VR", but rather imagining a new way of doing that (and more) given new medium. I think this will probably be true for productivity, social, gaming, and cinematic stuff
@rrhoover @jacksondahl so we built @cnverg from the start to run in browser, with full multitouch control, and optimized for giant touchscreens as the "dream" device (which we built a bunch of). Cost of displays are always what has held large scale touch back. But with VR desktops and environments, any flat surface can become a touchscreen... I'm excited, and this looks like a great start!
@the_onlyhope You'll probably have a better chance of getting something like that with AR like Hololens
It does seem to be an interesting product but it also reminded me about this essay by Bret Victor a long time ago. http://worrydream.com/#!/ABriefR... With technologies like VR, I feel we should push for new visions of interaction design rather than super-imposing the same old interactions on new technologies. Just my 2 cents. :)
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This is what your Desktop will look like in Virtual Reality:
@nivo0o0 this is what sci-fi movies were about when we were kids, is astonishing
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :) https://www.producthunt.com/@jur...
It'll be interesting to see how much more efficient this makes you (if at all). Ultimately I agree with Karthik as I don't see an incremental improvement being enough to drive user adoption. Any thoughts @shacheng?
@boatshuman @shacheng i agree 100%. its cool tech, but 1) you can't see your hands which makes typing weird and 2) i dont really feel like i ever need more than 2 screens to get something done.